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Business Scope
-Since 2006, EZTS is focusing on used equipment dealing and cooperating with the customers for consignment sale for surplus equipment as well as turnkey based purchase aligned with their budgets for necessary equipment
-Including FAB, we cover all the equipment of all the processes that are test systems, probers/handlers, assembly/ module equipment and QA analysis equipment
- Used equipment purchase and sale
- Consignment purchase and sale
- Turnkey based purchase and sale
- Lease service for Teradyne and LTX-Credence legacy systems with MVTS
Cooperation with MVTS
-MVTS technologies is a global, full-service provider of refurbished Automatic Test Equipment to the semiconductor industry and EZTS is representative of MVTS in territory of Korea
-The handling equipment is LTX-Credence, Teradyne and Verigy legacy systems and more information is in www.mvts.com
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